Financial Institutions Restructuration

Pronus guide their clients through the financial restructuring process and is project manager during the transition. This guidance place our clients in a unique position on the financial sector allowing them an easier process in future M&A

Value creation does not come from selling and buying companies. Instead, it arises when true potential is recognized and materialized through product innovation in a digital environment

Pronus has a unique perspective and recommends alternatives to our clients that are not considered by traditional investment banks

We have assist our clients on asset-liabilities management restructuring for over COP 7 trillion pesos

Pronus has restructured the risk management processes making businesses feasible and flexible

Valuation – M&A

For Pronus, the real value of a company comes from identifying its underlying potential. We look out for the insights behind our client’s businesses and highlight it. Doing so is not trivial, but that is where the good investment banker stands out

Our experience as merging project managers processes assure our clients a superior outcome

Our valuation models challenge traditional methods of structuring deals

Pronus is a value creating ally for our clients, we are not your conventional (typical) investment bank